Ladles of Love

At TAG Media, we believe in giving every TAG Team member the time and space they need to effect change in the world.

That is why, in 2022, we implemented a ground-breaking scheme to give each team member the opportunity to use 20-22% of their contracted time to the World, rising by 1% each year until at least 2035. To see how it works, read Tom Galanis’ open letter to the team.

Rescued is My Favourite Breed

#ThisYearsRule is an innovation that ensures TAG Team members can dedicate energy to local and global projects outside the workplace that improve the world we live in.

Causes the TAG Media team members support with their time include:

Are you interested in finding out more about #ThisYearsRule and some of the awesome work our team does both in and out of the workplace? Please get in touch with us at